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John's brother. During the Civil War he spent time in Charleston.
Durant, Peter
A puzzle guardian, he belived true Order came through isolation and that "In company we magnify the Chaos in our daily lives". He owns a puzzle collection and throws large parties. It was at one of these that Ian Woolrich solved the puzzle that would lead him to Hell.
The Woolrich's manservant who opened the cupboard and discovered Ian.
Andrew's brother. He was Ian Woolrich's neighbour and told his brother the tale at a party.
The Woolrich's maid who heard Ian banging on the cupboard door.
Woolrich, Cathy
Ian's wife. When he returned from Hell he wouldn't let her out of his site. When he ventured forth he would not enter a room without her and the couple spent 7 years wthout leaving their home. In 1862 she coughed up an image of Leviathan before becoming trapped in Hell.
Woolrich, Ian
An author and "possibly the most gregarious man in London". He solved a puzzle box at Durant's 1854 New Years Eve party and, when he went to get his coat 15 minutes later, he became trapped in Hell. This consisted of a black void, empty of anything except a single gold door. Beyond that door was another void and another door at a further distance. Each door seemed "farther and father from the last" and the last was that of his kitchen cupboard which he fell out of 3 days later. Afterwards he spent 7 years in his home due to his fear of doors but eventually ventured out. At a party in 1862 he made plans to travel with Cathy but she became trapped in Hell.

A "silent, oppressive blackness" only broken by golden doors at ever increasing intervals.

House, Durant's
Durant hosted lively parties here. It was at one that Ian Woolrich solved a puzzle box and entered Hell.
House, Woolrich's
Ian Woolrich exited Hell here and never left his home for 7 years.
The city where Ian, Cathy, Andrew and John lived.


Collection, Durant's
Durant had a collection of puzzles. The fifth was solved by Ian Woolrich and took him to Hell.

Io and Atalanta
The book Ian Woolrich was working on when he became trapped in Hell.

Kitchen Cupboard
The final door in Hell led here. Ian Woolrich ermerged from the cupboard 3 days after disappearing at Durant's party.

Puzzle Box
An un-named puzzle box that formed part of Durant's collection. It was patterned with varying shades of red.


1854 Dec 31 Durant holds his party where people solve puzzles.
1855 Jan 01

Ian solves a puzzle box at the stroke of midnight. Ian walks into Hell.

1855 Jan 04

Ian stumbles out of Hell.

1856 Ian finds enough courage to leave his bed.

John tells Ians story at a party. Cathy coughs up an image of Leviathan and ends up in Hell.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 4: "Like Flies to Wanton Boys" by Bunny Hampton-Mack, Scott Hampton & Tracy Hampton-Munsey

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