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Arch-Duke of Chaos
A false name for Leviathan
Leverett's partner, she believed Leverett was too ordered to be as chaotic as he wished to be. He killed her after solving the Box as an impulsive act to prove he wasn't "hooked on order".
A new child who Leverett had to look after. Leverett teased him because Bartlett "shit his sheets".
The Cenobite which greeted Slave after his transformation. It had large horns from its head that was composed of three faces seemingly fused together into one.
One of the two men Leverett led to their deaths in a schoolhouse in the Falklands after disobeying orders.
A soldier who fled Leverett's squad. Leverett poured bleech on him and scrubbed him with a wire brush as punishment.
One of the two men Leverett led to their deaths in a schoolhouse in the Falklands after disobeying orders.
Private Jones
An injured soldier who Leverett left behind when he attacked the schoolhouse against orders. Private Jones lost one of his legs as a result.
Leverett, Edward / Slave
An artist whose work is based in chaos, his whole life he was put in charge of others and had too keep order. He felt order was unnatural and solved the Lament Configuration expecting to be taken to a world of Chaos, he stands before Leviathan upon arriving in Hell. Leviathan's Black Light strikes him and he relives events from his life: teasing Bartlett, covering a deserter in bleech and then scrubbing him with a wire brush, disobeying orders and allowing his subordinates to be killed, being court-marchshalled and receiving the Box in the post. During the memories he is transformed, his head shaved bald and his legs bound in a leather coil to form a snake-like tail. As a Cenobite he was renamed "Slave" and he could finally be a servant to another.
The Master of the Labyrinth. Leverett believed it to be the "Arch-Duke of Chaos" but soon realised it was dedicated to order.
The nun in charge of Leverett's orphanage who put him in charge of Barnett.
See Leverett, Edward / Slave.
Mr Strickland
The man to whom the Lament Configuration was posted. It was delivered to Leverett instead.


Boarding School
Run by nun's, it was here that the Sister made Leverett look after Bartlett..

The Falklands
The location of a war between the United Kingdom and Argentinia, Leverett led a battalion there.

Leviathan's domain which Leverett mistakenly believed embraced chaos when in fact it is dedicated to order. He entered of his own free will after solving the box and killing Barbera.

Leverett's home town. The package containing the Lament Configuration was sent from here.

Manhatten, New York
Where Leverett and Barbera live.

Schoolhouse, The Falklands
Leverett attacked this enemy position against direct orders from his HQ. A Corporal and Jenkins were killed here because of it and Private Jones lost his leg after being left in the field.


This sentanced Leverett to three years in jail and a dishonourable discharge for his actions in the Falklands.

Gotterdamerung Teknik
Also: Götterdämmerung Technik, LeMarchand's Box, The Lament Configuration.
A name given for the Lament Configuration, it is a mis-spelling of Götterdämmerung Technik which implied it would bring about the "Twilight of the Gods" where Chaos would triumph.

Götterdämmerung Technik
See Gotterdamerung Teknik.

Invitation to Chaos
A false name for the Lament Configuration

Lament Configuration
Puzzle box solved by Leverett that took him to Hell. It was created by Phillip LeMarchand.

LeMarchand's Box
See Lament Configuration.

Letter Opener
Leverett used this to kill Barbera

Letter, Strickland's
This letter came with the Lament Configuration and it read: "Dear Mr. Strickland, Enclosed the Lament Configuration, variously known as LeMarchand's Box, after its creator Phillip LeMarchand or the Invitation to Chaos. It is a supposed key which when solved opens the doors to Hell and gives admittance to the orders of chaos and their lord: Leviathan. Another source names it the 'Gotterdamerung Teknik.' This I take to imply that it will bring about the 'Twilight of the Gods' and indicates that chaos will triumph."

Leverett led one in the army. He once poured bleach on a deserter before rubbing him with a wire brush. During the Falklands War his actions led to the death and crippling of a number of his men.


(past, uncertain) A young Leverett has to watch over Bartlett
(past, uncertain)

Leverett tortures a deserter with bleach and a wire brush


Leverett ignores orders and gets some of his men killed. He is court-marshalled and sentanced to three years in jail.

1985 Leverett is released from jail.

Leverett recieves the Lament Configuration. He kills Barbera before solving the Box and going to Hell. He is transformed into the Cenobite "Slave".


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