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The Crystal Precipice
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Female astronaut, brunette. She had been repeatedly raped by Ernest in the past. Barry discovered this the first night and kicked Ernest off the ship, Andrea wanted the others to "feed him his balls". The following night she left the camp to piss and was captured by Ernest, she was his reward for solving the Precipice. Barry went to search for her so Face killed Andrea before he and Ernest could be found. Andrea was burried on the alien Planet. Her soul was later crystallised.
Male astronaut, short blonde hair and the leader of the group. He spotted Face through some binoculars and mistook the Crystal Precipice for a city. He discovered Ernest raping Andrea and kicked him out. He misjudged the distance to the "city" and they had to camp for the night; he allowed Andrea to go off alone and later found her body. He and Felice buried her the next morning. When they reached the "city," they discovered a sheer cliff, Barry spotted Ernest guzzling water at the top of it. They camped near the base. When Barry went to piss, he was killed by Ernest. His soul was later crystallised.
Crystalline Souls
Perfectly ordered Souls. They floated near the astronauts and "watched" their activities without understanding the chaos of the flesh. They are souls freed of the flesh that take the form of perfect crystals. Ernest accidentally shot one, destroying it. The souls of Barry, Andrea, and Felice were crystallized after they died.
Male astronaut, short dark hair. He repeatedly raped Andrea without the others knowing and has been "a pain in the ass since [he] signed aboard". He was kicked off the ship when Barry discovered him raping Andrea and he traveled to the Crystal Precipice He solved it and became a servant of Face for the price of an ounce of flesh, stripped from the left side of his face. He grabbed Andrea when she was peeing at a campsite, she was his reward for solving the puzzle. Face had to kill her when Barry came looking. He posed on the precipice, guzzling water so that Barry could see him up there. Later that night, he impaled Barry on a crystal spike, Felice tore at his face, and ran away. He shot at her and accidentally destroyed a Crystalline Soul. Face decided to make him into a Cenobite Pet for the crime of destroying "one of the perfect beings of this beautiful, fleshless world".
A Cenobite who staples other people's faces to his own. The Crystalline Souls are his friends, "so pure and perfect". He watched the Crystal Precipice to see which astronaut would solve it. Ernest made it, and he took an ounce of his flesh before giving him Andrea as a reward. Barry came looking for her, so Face had to kill her quickly. When Ernest accidentally shot a Crystalline Soul, he took him to Hell to be remade into a Cenobite pet.
Female astronaut, blonde. She was concerned with Barry going off to piss and soon after found his body. Ernest wanted her to replace Andrea but she tore the skin off his face. Ernest shot at her but missed and hit a Crystalline Soul, destroying it. Felice fell to her death off the precipice but her soul was then crystallised.


Unnamed planet where the four astronauts crashed their spaceship. It is totally lifeless, there's "not so much as a germ in any of the samples [they] took". The Crystalline Souls float in its air, watching. Face constructed the Crystal Precipice here for one of the humans to solve and thus "bring the will of Leviathan to bare on the others".

The craft the four astronauts crash landed onto the unnamed planet. They spent one night in the ship before trying to reach the man in the cliff, Ernest raped Andrea that night and Barry kicked him out.


Crystal Precipice
"This worlds puzzle". It is an incredibly high cliff. Barry mistook it for a city and the astronauts hiked towards it. Ernest reached it first and solved it by scaling it. Face took an ounce of flesh from his face and made him his servant.

The craft the four astronauts crash landed onto the unnamed planet. They spent one night in the ship before trying to reach the man in the cliff, Ernest raped Andrea that night and Barry kicked him out.


(future, day 1)

Barry sees a figure (Face) on a crystal cliff. The Crystalline Souls watch the astronauts.

(future, day 2)

Barry, Andrea and Felice hike towards the "city". Face kills Andrea.

(future, day 3) Barry and Felice reach the precipice.
(future, day 4)

Ernest kills Barry. Ernest shoots a Crystalline Soul, killing it and Felice. Andrea, Barry and Felice become perfect Crystalline Souls and Face takes Ernest to Hell to become a Cenobite Pet.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 3: "The Crystal Precipice" by Jan Strand, Steve Buccellato, Stan Drake, Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh & Michael Heisler

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