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Feldwebel, Davis
An alcoholic painter. Lacking inspiration for his art, he sought out the Lament Configuration. Reinhardt located one for him, but doubled the price they had agreed on. Feldwebel stole the box and solved it. Pinhead and the Female Cenobite helped him create painting by killing people. They then transformed Feldwebel into a painting himself.

Female Cenobite
Summoned when Feldwebel solved the Lament Configuration. She helped Feldwebel turn people in paintings.

Owner of the Lily Gallery. She sold Feldwebel's last series of paintings, but thought his "Life and Death" was too dark and wouldn't sell. When Feldwebel showed her his Cenobite-assisted work, she loved them.

Summoned when Feldwebel solved the Lament Configuration. He helped Feldwebel turn people in paintings.

Found the Lament Configuration for Davis. It was so difficult to find, he doubled the price to $5000. After Feldwebel stole the Box, some money and some cocaine from him, he sought revenge. When he found Feldwebel, Feldwebel and the Cenobites transformed him into a painting.


Lily Gallery
Avant garde art gallery in Soho owned by Marcella. Feldwebel's last series of paintings were sold here, and his Cenobite-assisted work hangs from its walls.

Soho, Manhattan, New York
Home of the Lily Gallery.


The Cube of Tears
See Lament Configuration.

The Doors of Perception
Book by Huxley that mentions the Lament Configuration.

Lament Configuration
Also: The Cube of Tears, LeMarchand's Box
"A mediocre antique" that is "reputed to be an arcane pleasure device that amplifies sensations." Reinhardt located one for Feldwebel. It was so difficult to find, he doubled his price to $5000. Feldwebel stole it instead of paying.

LeMarchand, Phillip
An 18th century artists. He invented the Lament Configuration.

LeMarchand's Box
See Lament Configuration.

"Life and Death"
Feldwebel's latest painting. Marcella though it was reminiscent of Bacon, but too dark for her tastes.


1988 Feldwebel's last series of paintings sell well at the Lily Gallery.
1989 Feldwebel's father dies of lung cancer.
1990 Feldwebel steals the Lament Configuration and solves it. The Cenobites help him create art out of people. The Cenobite transform Feldwebel into a piece of art.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 2: "The Pleasures of Deception" by Philip Nutman, Bill Koeb & Gaspar Saladino

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