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Max's Pain
Max's editor in Hell. Claiming responsibility to "Leviathan, and to the sponsors, and pressure groups... and to the audience," he mutilates Max's miracle. First he plucks its left eye out, then he tears its left arms off, and then he rips its penis off. When Max protests, he reassembles the miracle and rips its heart out instead.

Wayne, Max
"Wasted most of his adult life toiling as a freelance writer" in Burbank, California. In Hell, he "has wasted most of his afterlife toiling as a freelance writer to create order from chaos." After an "unbroken string of workmanlike scripts," Max finally created a miracle; something he could consider art. When he brought his miracle to his editor, his editor mutilated it to satisfy "Leviathan, and to the sponsors, and pressure groups... and to the audience." Max protested and the editor reassembled the miracle and plucked its heart out instead. Max decided not to put any more heart into his writing in the future.


Burbank, California
Former home of Max Wayne, where he labored as a freelance writer.

Current home of Max Wayne, where he labors to create order from chaos through his writing.


A piece of writing that Max thinks "transcends the medium." In Hell, it resembles a baby boy. Max's editor ripped it apart before finally plucking out its heart.

Oddly Seductive Story Problem
The puzzle that sent Max Wayne to Hell.


1990 Max Wayne learns not to put any heart into his writing.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 2: "Writer's Lament" by Dwayne McDuffie, Kevin O'Neill & James Novak

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