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Captain Corrazon
Velez's right-hand man at La Enfermidad.

A revolutionary leader imprisoned in La Enfermidad after Garcia betrayed him. Velez wanted to break his spirit. Velez tried to force him to solve the Lament Configuration, but he refused and Velez beat him to death.

Garcia, Armando / Garcia
A former revolutionary imprisoned in cell 27 of La Enfermidad. "He sold his life and his cause for a little black box which promised him power -- and freedom of the ultimate revolution." He betrayed Diaz and the revolution for the opportunity to work on solving the Box in La Enfermidad. He was made into the Cenobite Garcia in Hell, and arrived on Earth to retrieve Velez after Velez accidentally finished solving the Box.

Mendez, Alfredo
A revolutionary imprisoned in La Enfermidad. Velez tried to force him to solve the Lament Configuration, but he chose death instead.

Velez, Arturo
Jefe of La Enfermidad. "He used his penchant for order to maneuver himself into a position of power." "To his specifications, every level of the prison was remade." After Garcia escaped by solving the Lament Configuration, he became obsessed with solving this mystery. His obsession cost him his position as jefe. Before being relieved of duty, he tried to force Diaz to solve the Box one last time. Diaz refused and Velez angrily beat him to death. In the process, he accidentally finished what the volunteer had started and fully solved the Box. The Cenobite Garcia arrived and took him to Hell.

A prisoner La Enfermidad, Velez gave him the Lament Configuration to see if he could solve it. He was nearly finished when Velez took the Box back.


Cell 27
Prison cell in La Enfermidad in which Garcia solved the Box and escaped to Hell. Diaz was placed here by Velez in an effort to break his spirit.

A Country in South America
Home of La Enfermidad. A country "in flux, about to burn red with the flames of revolution."

La Enfermidad
A prison in a South American country that was a "strictly-modeled version of Hell, created on Earth, by one man." Run by Arturo Velez, it is a place of order amidst the chaos of revolution. When Velez was promoted to jefe, "every level of the prison was remade" to his specifications. After numerous executions, the prison was under investigation by the magistrate and Amnesty International. According to the Cenobite Garcia, it was an "ideal location for solving the puzzles of my Lord Leviathan."


Lament Configuration
Also: Little Black Box
Solved by Armando Garcia in cell 27 of La Enfermidad. Diaz and Mendez chose to die rather than touch it. A volunteer prisoner nearly solved it before Velez took it away. Velez accidentally finished solving it and was taken to Hell by Garcia.

Little Black Box
See Lament Configuration.


1990 Garcia solves the Box, is taken to Hell and is made into a Cenobite.
A volunteer prisoner nearly solves the Box. Velez accidentally finishes solving it and is taken to Hell.


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