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Dance of the Fetus
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Depressed woman unaware of her pregnancy.  She thought of committing suicide hundreds of times. After the 210th thought of suicide, she became intent on dying.  Mr. Soul helped her kill herself and she was taken to Hell.

Simply Fetus
Alice's pregnancy.  Alice wasn't aware of it.  When Mr. Soul discovered it, he sent it away before taking Alice to Hell.

Mr. Soul
Cenobite summoned by thoughts of suicide.  Alice's numerous thoughts of killing herself summoned Mr. Soul to her apartment.  He discovered a fetus inside of her and sent it away.  He help Alice kill herself and took her to Hell.


Food Mart
Alice's grocery store.

Room 614
Alice's apartment.  Mr. Soul was waiting in her kitchen when Alice returned from Food Mart.  Alice killed herself in her bathtub here.


Thoughts of Suicide
A way of summoning Mr. Soul.  It took Alice 210 thoughts of suicide before Mr. Soul knew she honestly wanted to die.


1989 Mr. Soul helps Alice commit suicide.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 1: "Dance of the Fetus" by Ted McKeever

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