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Disney Executive
An employee of Disney with knowledge of the location of their next amusement park.  He sold Maureen a map indicating where Disney planned to build the park in exchange for $100000.  She only paid him $50000, and promised him the other half after her investment returned a 500% profit.

Maureen Endicott
A shrewd entrepreneur.  She bought a map from a Disney Executive showing where Disney planned to build its next park.  She paid $50000 for it, promising the executive the other $50000 after her investment returned a 500% profit.  She discovered Brian Rhodes in the only structure on the land.  She offered to find a buyer for Brain's house and land, guessing that she could get $10000 for the house and $300/acre for the land, and she offered to buy everything immediately for a little less money.  She tried to seduce Brian into selling her the land, but he drugged her and tied her up.  When Brain called Face, she struck a deal with the Cenobite.  In exchange for her life, she promised to deliver the patrons of the future amusement park to him.  To prove her worthiness, Face forced her to torture Brian.

Cenobite summoned by the Lament Configuration.  He lacks skin on his head and staples the faces of his victims to his skull.  He used Brian to capture people for him.  After watching Brian torture his victims with a scalpel, he took them back to Hell.  Maureen convinced Face to use her instead of Brian to capture people, offering the crowds of the future amusement park. Face agreed after observing Maureen torturing Brian.

Brian Rhodes
Sole caretaker of the Rhodes' Ranch and failed cattle rancher.  He captured people to give to the Cenobite Face.  As Face watched, he used a scalpel to torture his victims before they were taken to Hell.  He drugged Maureen's drink and tied her to his bed.  He solved the Lament Configuration in order to bring Face to Earth.  After Maureen made a deal with Face to take over his job, Maureen tortured him and Face took him to Hell.

Face's plaything in Hell before Brian called him to Earth.  His mind was "gone, incinerated in the endless repetition of death and rebirth, blessed oblivion and dreadful awakenings."


Home of Face.  Face tortures the people Brian gives him here.  Victims in Hell experience an "endless repetition of death and rebirth. Blessed oblivion and dreadful awakenings," as they are tortured over and over again.

Rhodes Ranch
"A few hundred acres of stoney ground."  It happened to be in the area Disney wanted to build its next amusement park.  Maureen thought she could get someone to buy it for $300/acre.

Ramshackle Farmhouse
Only building on the Rhodes Ranch.  Brian lived here alone and captured the visitors to give to Face.  Maureen thought she could get someone to buy it for $10000.

United States
Location of the Rhodes Ranch.


The Box
See Lament Configuration.

Lament Configuration
Also: The Box
Brian's way of contacting Face.  After capturing Maureen, he solved the Lament Configuration to let Face know there was another person to take to Hell. 

Shows where Disney plans to build its next amusement park.  Maureen bought it from the Disney Executive for $50000.  It led her to the Rhodes Ranch.

Brian's weapon of choice.  He always used a scalpel on the victims he brought Face because his mother always used a straight razor to torture him.


1989 Maureen buys the map from the Disney Executive.
Maureen visits Brian.  Brian summons Face.  Maureen makes a deal with Face and replaces Brian.  Maureen tortures Brian.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 1: "The Warm Red" by Jan Strnad, Bernie Wrightson, Bill Wray & Michael Heisler

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