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Baby Carillion
The child of Lady Carillion and Robataille.  When Grillard took Lady Carillion to Hell, it left her baby behind.  Count Carillion was allowed to return to Earth as this baby.  Both the count and the baby share a crescent-shaped birthmark on their right cheeks.

Count Carillion
Owner of the third largest fiefdom in France.  He lead a crusade to the Levant to recover the "arrow pierced shroud of St. Rubrub" from the Muslims.  Instead, he discovered the Ornate Box.  The high cost of this seemingly worthless prize sent him into a depression.  After Lady Carillion solved the box, he was killed by Hell's spears and taken to Hell by Grillard.  When Lady Carillion solved the Box for the second time, he was allowed reincarnation in the form of Lady Carillion's baby.

Lady Carillion
Wife of Count Carillion and lover of Robataille.  In response to Count Carillion's depression, she dedicated her life to the Church.  Through her pious studies, she discovered the true nature of the Ornate Box.  Intent on banishing Satan to Hell, she and Robataille solved the Box.  Instead, Grillard arrived and took the count to Hell.  After the count's death, she and Robataille declared war on Satan.  She helped execute an inquisition of the fiefdom, and was impregnated by Robataille. She solved the Box for the second time and was taken to Hell with Robataille.

Cenobite summoned by the Ornate Box.  It has four breasts and two hooks stretching its mouth open.  It is accompanied by a pet and believes there is "one constant known by one and all: suffering!"  When Lady Carillion solved the Box for the first time, it killed Count Carillion with Hell's spears and took him to Hell.  When she solved the Box for the second time, it returned Count Carillion -- in the form of Baby Carillion -- and took Lady Carillion and Robataille to Hell.

Grillard's Pet
Grillard's companion.  It is a bipedal dog-like creature with one tentacle sticking out of its chest.

Father/Monseigneur Robataille
Head of the Castle Carillion's parish. He dreamt that the count would bring "a great evil" back from his crusade.  He helped Lady Carillion research the history of the Ornate Box and encouraged her to use it to battle Satan.  After Count Carillion's death, he became Lady Carillion's lover.  He was crucified by Hell's spears and taken to Hell by Grillard.


Castle Carillion
Center of the Carillion fiefdom in France.  Count and Lady Carillion lived and ruled the fiefdom from here.

Carillion Fiefdom
The third largest fiefdom in France. Robataille was head of its parish.  It was subjected to a small inquisition involving exorcisms, baptisms, bleeding, and burnings at the stake while Robataille and Lady Carillion endeavored to battle Satan.

Location of Castle Carillion.

The Levant
"The holiest of holy lands." It is the land around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea: Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt. The count crusaded here, hoping to recover the "arrow pierced shroud of St. Rubrub."  Instead, the count found the Ornate Box here.


Arrow Pierced Shroud of St. Rubrub
Christian artifact believed to be held in the Levant.  Count Carillion crusaded for it, but found the Ornate Box instead.

The Box
See Ornate Box.

Carillion Crusade
Count Carillion crusaded with his army to the Levant in an effort to recover the "arrow pierced shroud of St. Rubrub."  He discovered the Ornate Box there, instead.  Carillion's crusade was a part of the larger Fifth Crusade of Europe.

Carillion Inquisition
A local inquisition of the Carillion fiefdom.  It included exorcisms, baptisms, bleedings, and burnings at the stake.  Robataille and Lady Carillion used it to battle Satan and remove "the seal of his cloven hoof [that was] stamped into the very fabric of [their] lives."

Ornate Box
Also: The Box
Artifact recovered from the Levant by Count Carillion.  "It is greater than a splinter from the one true cross, greater than the shroud in which Christ was buried. It is a device to summon the dark one, to force him to the fore so that our most pious might banish him forever to the darksome pits that spawned him."  Lady Carillion used it to summon Grillard and its pet twice.

Spears, Hell's
Grillard's weapon of choice. They rain down and impale or stab their victims.  Grillard used them to kill Count Carillion and crucify Robataille.


1220 Count Carillion leaves on a crusade to the Levant.
1221 Oct 28 The feast of St. Jude: Count Carillion discovers the Ornate Box and ends his crusade.
1221/1222 Count Carillion returns to France after 19 months.
1223 Lady Carillion solves the Box.  Count Carillion is taken to Hell.
The Carillion Inquisition.  Lady Carillion becomes pregnant.
1223/1224 Lady Carillion solves the Box.  Lady Carillion and Robataille are taken to Hell.  Count Carillion is reborn.


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