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Missing Scans
A picture of a painted model with a neutral background is preferred.

Missing Info
Anywhere you see a "?", I'm missing information.

New Entries
If it was made by a real model company and has to do with Hellraiser, I want to know any info you have. At a minimum, I do need to know what company made it. Without a company name, there's no way to tell whether the model is a one-time homemade kit, or a professional, mass-produced piece sold to the public. Submissions without a company name to go with them will have to be tossed out. Homemade kits, of course, belong here.

If you see any mistakes (spelling, HTML, factual, etc.) in the page, please contact me.

 How to Help 

Email information and corrections to

Upload files to my FTP server using one of these three methods:

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